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About Tamworth

As the major centre for a catchment area of some 200,000 people, Tamworth is one of most progressive and innovative regions in NSW. The region has a strong reputation for its quality of life for its residents, supported environment for business and industry and economic opportunities for investors.

The Tamworth region Local Government Area covers a diverse economy fuelled by a growing population of over 62,000 residents. The towns of Manilla, Barraba, Nundle and Kootingal, along with another 17 villages and hamlets offer an attractive lifestyle underpinned by a strong regional economy.

Ideally situated on the main inland route between Victoria and Queensland for freight logistics, there are three major airlines providing daily flights to Sydney and Brisbane, along with daily train and bus services. From city living to country retreats, the region boasts quality and diverse shopping, education, health services and sporting facilities in an affordable and supported community.

Offering a range of quality employment opportunities, the region fosters entrepreneur growth, research development and continuous learning throughout its industry sectors and community. As an agricultural hub for Australia, a service centre for surrounding mining developments, a hub for small business and strong growth in emerging sectors such as aviation and advanced manufacturing, the region is thriving. 

An emerging creative industry is fostered through a range of events such as the internationally recognised Tamworth Country Music Festival, art galleries, museums, Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music and strong key industry sector growth.

Alongside a vision and execution, partnerships and collaboration underpin the Tamworth region. The region’s positive “can do” attitude is reflected in the continuous investment in large scale infrastructure projects, the diversity and quality services, and new residents moving to the region.

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council

Economic Development

Tamworth is a vibrant and growing destination.  It is the largest inland NSW city west of the Great diving range, located 400km from Sydney and 600km from Brisbane on the inland corridor route. In December, Tamworth was awarded the title of best country town by Traveller magazine (part of Fairfax media) as one of their chosen ‘perfect’ towns in Australia. The Tamworth region is in a strong economic position with a Gross Regional Product (GRP) estimated at $2.8 billion, representing 0.6% of the state's Gross State Product (GSP). 

Get the latest economic profile information here.

Annual GRP has shown continued steady growth for the past 10 years.

Growing annually at a steady rate of 1.3%, the Tamworth region has a population of over 61,000 people (85% of which is based in Tamworth itself) that has made the region an attractive destination for business and investment.  The region has a population catchment with over 200,000 people living within 2 hours of Tamworth.

The region has significant capital investment on the cards and currently underway.  Based on reported ‘intention’ to develop, there is over $700m in Capital Projects being talked about and in development for the Tamworth region within the public sphere (registered development applications, media announcements and other).

As at June 2015, the region plays host to 27,298 jobs and sits at a 7.45% unemployment rate, which has remained consistent since 2011.  What has been traditionally dominated by agriculture, the economy is starting to transition to other industries, with retail trade now being the region’s largest industry employer with 13.9% of the region’s employment, followed by health care & social assistance (12.5%) manufacturing (10.5%) and most recently, construction (10%) due to the region’s economic development.

The region has in excess of 5,250 businesses and one of the largest Business Chambers in NSW.

It is a diverse economy, with a variety of industry and sectors.  Total exports exceed $860 million, including; 


Tamworth has strong destination awareness, strengthened by the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival.  The festival has been going on 45 years and the economic benefit to the region is significant, generating an estimated $50m of economic benefit to the community.  The festival receives approximately 50,000 visitors every year, making it Australia’s largest Country Music Festival and one of the largest Country Music Festival’s in the world.

With countless events and an array of experiences across the year, Tamworth receives over 1.1million visitors every year.  In 2014, tourism alone for the Tamworth region generated over $239m towards the economy.

For further details:

John Sommerlad
Director Business & Community 


Sources : Informed Decisions, ABS, Tamworth Regional Council.

Business & Industry

Business & Industry

A diverse range of industries


The Tamworth Region is a thriving area with a strong and growing economy and business environment. The Gross Regional Profit (GRP) is $2.51billion dollars, showing continued steady growth for the past 10 years.

The 5,603 businesses in Tamworth span across a diverse range of industries. The Retail Industry employs the highest number of people with some 3,656 employees. Health care and social assistance, manufacturing, construction, accommodation and food services and agriculture industry accommodate the next highest number of employees respectively.

Tamworth Regional Council is proactive in facilitating business and industry to take advantage of any opportunities that exist within the region, both today and in the future. Building on existing business, taking advantage of opportunities and attracting new investment and facilities will create employment and other opportunities for the region, driving the cycle of more businesses and individuals relocating, living and investing in the region.

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A key part of Tamworth Regional Council’s vision is to nurture a spirit of community. This vision seeks a caring and involved community with diverse cultural and recreational opportunity.Tamworth Regional Council values its diverse communities and is committed to ensuring that the region remains an attractive, safe and healthy place to live. Council is committed to developing the health and wellbeing of all our communities and encourages and supports active community involvement in local decision making and community life to help foster a sense of belonging. Council also provides leadership and works with community groups and other levels of government to identify local needs and solutions. In doing this Council delivers a range of services and facilities including libraries, the Regional Gallery, the Capitol Theatre, museums, childcare, carer support, care for frail aged, youth services, community development and social planning including the Cultural Planand Social Plan, all of which contribute to a lively social and cultural environment.

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council

Destination Tamworth

Destination Tamworth

Tourism is an important aspect of the commerce and culture of the Tamworth Regional Council local government area. The Council's mission is to actively promote and develop tourism in all areas of the region for the benefit of all regional communities.

Within the Tamworth Regional Council local government area, Destination Tamworth is responsible for:

*  marketing and development of the tourism industry

*  promotion and development of Tamworth as a destination

*  marketing and promotion of Council and Community events

*  marketing and promotion of the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre

*  marketing and promotion of the Australian Equine and Livestock Event Centre

*  marketing and promotion of the Tamworth Capitol Performing Arts Theatre

*  marketing and promotion of the Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall

*  promotion of the Regional Council area to tourism, entertainment, convention, sporting and trade show groups

*  marketing and promotion of the Tamworth Country Music Festival

*  management and operation of Visitor Information Centres in Tamworth, Barraba, Manilla and Nundle

*  engagement with tourism operators and groups and provision of active and high quality promotion

*  development and implementation of an overall Tamworth Regional Council Tourism Business Plan 

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In an Australian first, seven of NSW’s leading regional cities – Albury, Armidale, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga - have united to form the Evocities.

The campaign aims to change perceptions of life in a regional city and encourage people to live, work and invest in an Evocity. It showcases the abundance of opportunities in the Evocities due to their lower cost of living, strong career and business opportunities and enhanced lifestyle.

Living in an Evocity means less time commuting, working and stressing, and more time for you and your family to enjoy NSW’s beautiful natural surrounds.


Make a city change to beautiful Tamworth - home of country music, but so much more. Tamworth is one of seven cities promoting the lifestyle opportunities that exist in regional areas of New South Wales, Australia. This campaign is called 'Evocities'.

Manufacturing, health and community services, education, logistics, wholesale trades, food processing, tourism and hospitality provide a solid economic base for the city.

Retail is the biggest employer and there’s a strong base in property and financial service sectors, aviation and construction. Agriculture generates significant economic activity and so does the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre which opened in 2008.

Tamworth is a leader when it comes to attracting people and investment. Growth was 1.2% in 2015 and besides people we’re also increasing the numbers of new businesses that start up each year. Our Relocation Consultants would love to hear from you and tell you more.

Tamworth might be synonymous with country music in Australia but Tamworth is much more than just bush hats, big buckles or golden guitars. Tamworth is a vibrant and growing destination.  The city provides excellent employment, business, education and sporting opportunities.  These combined with affordable housing, no traffic congestion, easy parking and clean air offers a change in lifestyle for the better.

Tamworth provides the benefit of city living with restaurants, cafes and specialty stores in a stress free environment, all within a short distance from your new home.  There is plenty of entertainment on offer so that you can enjoy your increased leisure time, whether you wish to enjoy a concert at our 5,000 seat Entertainment Centre, the performing arts at the Capitol Theatre or relax with a round of golf at one of our excellent courses.  We have a city heart with a country soul.

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Community Events

Community Events


The Tamworth region has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, which is reflected by the festivals and events, both small and large, that are held across the region. Nundle's gold mining history is celebrated during the annual Go for Gold Chinese Easter Festival while the region's rich agricultural history and the part played in it by the 'Little Grey' (Massey) Ferguson tractor is commemorated by the Grey Fergie Muster in Bendemeer every three years. It is not just history that is celebrated. The Tamworth County Music Festival, the largest music festival in the southern hemisphere, combines street theatre, free public concerts and ticketed events to air the talents of country music artists from those just starting out as buskers, those participating in music colleges and quests, through to those receiving the prestigious Golden Guitar Awards.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

All roads lead to Tamworth in January for the Tamworth Country Music Festival. One of Australia’s best celebrated events, the Tamworth Country Music Festival is held in January each year. It's the largest music festival in the southern hemisphere and one of the top 10 in the world! the Festival culminates in the CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia with the presentation of the famous Golden Guitar Awards at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC).


Tamworth Regional Heritage Festival

Discover our region’s rich heritage during the Tamworth Regional Heritage Festival featuring a program of exciting events, the Festival will include cultural tours, exhibitions, open days and more, sharing local stories and educating audiences about the traditions that have shaped our regional community.


Taste Tamworth Festival

The Taste Tamworth program offers some new and exciting events for you to "Taste" your way around Tamworth and the region with the famous Long Lunch, Taste in the Park markets, Farm Gate Trail and the Taste Pop Up bar and much, much more.


Fiesta La Peel

Food and entertainment from around the world! A multicultural street festival with more than 20 countries represented - food, craft & entertainment. 


Nundle Go For Gold Chinese Easter Festival

Nundle village comes alive during the Nundle Go for Gold Chinese Easter Festival each year. The streets are filled with live music and market stalls. This free festival features traditional Chinese lion dances in the middle of the village.


Grey Fergie Muster

The Grey Fergie Tractor Muster Bendemeer is a celebration of the role of the 'Little Grey' (Massey) Ferguson tractor played in Australia's agricultural history. The Muster is held every three years, the last being in March 2018.


Kootingal Country Fair

Bring the family along and visit the Country Fair! There is something for the whole family including market stalls, food stalls, entertainment, kids activities and more!


Local Government Week

Local Government Week (LG Week) in NSW provides a platform for councils to promote the importance of Local Government to the communities they represent. This annual event in August can include roadshows showcasing Council assets and services, photographic competitions, native plant give-aways and more.

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council.
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Employment in Tamworth

A vibrant commercial, industrial, education and retail sector in Tamworth continues to provide for our growing population. Please find below some web links and business details to assist in your search for employment in the Tamworth Region.

Local Employment Agencies

Aboriginal Employment Strategy: telephone (02) 6766 9388

CDS Training and Employment: telephone (02) 6762 0588

Joblink Plus: telephone 1800 695 625

Jobs Australia: telephone (02) 6766 4611

Monelu: telephone (02) 6766 6100

New England North West Group Training: telephone (02) 6762 6755

Newtrain: telephone (02) 6761 2780

Peel Valley Training and Employment: telephone 1800 066 992

Workforce Extensions: telephone (02) 6762 6155

Disability Employment Network

CDS Training and Employment (Challenge): telephone (02) 6766 5450

CRS Australia: telephone (02) 6755 5555

Labour Hire Companies

Australia Personnel Global: telephone (02) 6766 7744

Workforce Extensions: telephone 1300 664 414

Workforce International: telephone (02) 6762 6777

Chandler Macleod: telephone (02) 6762 9000

LabourCo: telephone (02) 6766 9910

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council


New Resident Information

There are many reasons for relocating to the Tamworth region.

The Tamworth region is one of the most rapidly growing inland areas of NSW. The region has a population of over 57,000, with over 40,000 in Tamworth city and another 10,000 people living within 20km of the city centre. The towns of Manilla, Barraba, Nundle and Kootingal along with another 17 hamlets and villages and rural areas make up the region.

The region offers attractive employment and business opportunities as well as affordable housing. There is a range of educational and training options for families,career and personal development. A huge range of facilities, including the iconic Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, cater for sports from AFL through paragliding to water polo. As well as agribusiness, there is a vibrant retail sector. The thriving arts and cultural community are well supported by theatres such as the new Capitol Theatre, museums and the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music, which is the second largest regional conservatorium in NSW. In addition to the local hospitals servicing the region, Tamworth has a Base Hospital with a 24 hour emergency department, specialist units and established links to tertiary hospitals in Newcastle and Sydney.

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council



Education Economic Development Model



Existing facilities, such as the public and private school network, UNE Study Centre, Regional Conservatorium of Music, BAE Flight Training Australia, Australasian Pacific Aeronautical College, the University Department of Rural Health and Rural Clinical School, the Northern Inland Academy of Sport and TAFE NSW New England Institute provide a core base of education and training providers within the Region. Opportunities to further develop links with institutions such as the Armidale UNE campus and associated research and development initiatives will assist in building and developing the education industry within the Tamworth Region. Significant opportunities also exist to leverage the Tamworth Region’s iconic facilities, such as the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC), to develop targeted equine training programs.

More information:

Fast Facts

The education and training industry represents 7.5% of the Tamworth Regional economy contributing an estimated $130 million to GRP in 2006-2007, reflecting 13% growth on the previous year.

Education has been the fastest growing sector for the Region over this period, well above the growth in the education and training sector experienced by the state (6.4%).

The proportion of total students attending all types of institution has increased by 5.1% since 2001 to 16,034 students.

For adult education, community education, early childhood and primary education there is limited competition due to locational constraints where Tamworth is the primary service centre in the Region. Tamworth has a secure market demand for consumers that is based primarily on population size and growth and age demographics that drive demand for these levels of education.

The above information is supplied by Tamworth Regional Council


Education in Tamworth - Pre-School, Infants, Primary & Secondary
St Peter's Pre-School 02 6765 7804
St Mark's Pre-School & Long Day Care Centre 02 6765 8250
Peter Pan Pre-School 02 6765 9124
Calrossy Pre-School 02 5776 5110
St Mary's North Tamworth Pre-School 02 6766 5071
Tamworth Montessori Pre-School 02 6766 7750
St Edward's Infants & Primary School 02 6765 7847
Westdale Public School 02 6760 7219
Hillvue Public School 02 6765 7446
Tamworth South Public School 02 6765 8426
Nemingha Public School 02 6760 9225
St Nicholas Infants & Primary School 02 6766 1500
St Joseph's Infants & Primary School 02 6765 4079
Tamworth West Public School 02 6765 8316
Tamworth Public School 02 6766 2016
Oxley Vale Public School 02 6761 8238
Calrossy Anglican School Prep - 12 02 5776 5220
Carinya Christian School Prep - 12 02 6762 0970
Tamworth High School 02 6765 7888
Oxley High School 02 6766 1677
McCarthy Catholic Senior High School 02 6761 0800
Peel High School 02 6765 7088
Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School 02 6764 8600

** Please note - Acceptance into Government Schools in Tamworth is subject to zoning. Please contact the Department of Education or your school of choice for further clarification. 

Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Conference Centre

Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Conference Centre

Tamworth is a designated tourist destination based on events. We know how to throw a country music festival – but we’re also big on conferences, conventions, trade shows and cultural galas around the rest of the calendar.

The Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC) is located just 6 kilometres from the city centre on the New England Highway and is within walking distance to good accommodation, retail and hospitality outlets.

TRECC seats 4,800 in the main hall and 1,800 in lyric mode (see below for more seating options). There are separate break-out rooms and meeting areas off the main auditorium. It boasts superior audio and visual technology, catering and bar areas, green rooms and flexible stage configurations.

TRECC plays host to some spectacular shows including the CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia  – the Oscars of country music! In between awards nights, its home for everything from rock concerts to agricultural shows, car launches, home exhibitions and school spectaculars. Read more about the History of TRECC.

Seating at TRECC

TRECC can be set in varying configurations

Concert Mode - seating for 4,800 (2,280 tiered seats)

Lyric Mode - seating for 3,360 (1,680 tiered seats)

Intimate Mode - seating for 1,800 (1,080 tiered seats)

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council


Tamworth Sports Dome

Tamworth Sports Dome is an exceptional facility and the region's newest multipurpose indoor sports facility. The project was funded by the Australian Federal Government and Tamworth Regional Council and was officially opened on 17th May 2011. It provides the Tamworth community with a modern, well equipped sports facility which is suitable for a wide range of different sports and activities.

Our facilities

6800m2 indoor court space featuring 6 multi-purpose courts which comply with international standards for indoor sport.

Show Court is a triple "sprung" timber floor

Courts 2 - 4 are double "sprung" timber floors

Court 5 & 6 are a synthetic Aura Pulastic ZS flooring system

28000m2 outdoor court space featuring 18 netball courts and 2 basketball courts

12 netball courts are acrylic playing surfaces

Lighting on 8 netball courts

Show Court features seating for up to 600 people

6 change room and amenities areas featuring 19 showers and 23 toilets

Treatment rooms

Separate Referee's rooms including amenities

Commercial cafe that services both indoor and outdoor areas

Car Parking with 182 spaces with overflow areas available for major events

Children's playground and outdoor seating area

Physiology and Allied Health services through Rural Fit

Opening Hours & Booking Availability

Monday - Thursday  9:00am - 5:00pm

Friday  9:00am - 8:30pm

Saturday  9:00am - 12:00pm & 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays  Closed


Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council


Tamworth Regional Airport

Tamworth Regional Airport

Tamworth Regional Airport is owned and operated by Tamworth Regional Council. The airport is located 10km from the city and plays a significant role in the local community. Tamworth enjoys a history of aviation excellence and is home to major aviation training schools and businesses. Governments and private enterprise continue to invest in its development of the Tamworth Regional Airport, which is one of the largest of the regional airports in Australia and capable of operations for aircraft as large as B737/A320 series

Airport Security

Tamworth Regional Airport meets the Australian Government aviation security requirements for regional airports. All passengers are required to go through a security screening process prior to boarding an aircraft. 

Passengers and their carry-on and checked in baggage are security screened by security technology including:

*  walk through metal detectors

*  hand held metal detectors

*  x-ray machines for carry-on and checked baggage

*  explosive trace detection

Important passenger information:

*  ensure you are at the airport at least one hour before your flight is scheduled to depart

*  a Screening officer may ask to look in your bag instead of using an X-Ray machine

*  computers and aerosol cans need to be taken out of your carry baggage and placed in a plastic tub provided for individual screening

*  if you have a heart pacemaker or other medical conditions which may be affected by X-Ray, advise the security screening staff as you may not be required to go through the walk through metal detector

*  steel capped boots, large buckle belts and some ladies jewellery and shoes which include metal parts will need to be removed and screened separately

*  hats, caps and overcoats need to be removed and placed in the plastic tubs for screening

Passengers who have not experienced aviation security screening before can visit to familiarise themselves with what to expect at an aviation security screening point.  You will also find examples of items that are not permitted to be carried on board an aircraft.

Airport Technical Specification

*  Located 10km west of the city

*  24 hour operations – no curfew

*  Main runway 2200 metres long and 45 metres wide

*  Main runway is constructed of grooved bitumen asphalt

*  Equipped with full lighting services to international standards

*  Navigational aids include as ILS System for runway 3OR, VOR, DME(I) and NDB

*  Air traffic control tower

*  Parallel all weather sealed runway 1100 metres long and 18 metres wide capable of handling aircraft up to 5700kg

*  Airport offers significant airspace potential, with a capability of sustaining substantially more air movements

*  Modern passenger terminal building

*  Cafe

*  ATM available in airport terminal

*  Wi-Fi

*  Airline lounges

Future Upgrades

The Tamworth Regional Airport is currently receiving $3.97 million dollars worth of upgrades with the redevelopment of its passenger terminal building.

Works include an extension to the departures lounge including an additional departure boarding gate, provision for new airline lounge areas, a corporate function and meeting room, retail space, upgrades to the café and dining area, a new toilet area, relocation of the rental car desks and new Flight Information Display Screens. The check-in area will also be expanded, providing more space to further enhance the passenger experience when passing through Tamworth.

Airport Cafe Opening Hours

The Airport Cafe operates seven days a week except Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Monday to Saturday 5:30am - 5:00pm

Sunday 11:30am - 5:00pm

Information & image supplied by Tamworth Regional Council



The $30 million Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC), opened in September 2008, is one of Tamworth Regional Council’s most significant achievements.

The AELEC, designed to enhance Tamworth as NSW’s leading equine region, took 15 months to build. Council contributed over $20 million through council cash and reserves and loan funds, with the balance coming from Federal and State Government grants.

The AELEC has already attracted international attention for its design and its facilities, and has hosted a range of events, including state and national titles.

The centre consists of a two-level main stadium; an indoor arena with tiered seating for 3,360; concourse areas for exhibition and trade; multi-functional corporate and VIP areas; hospitality and entertaining amenities areas; offices; and viewing and broadcasting facilities. An interconnected sales ring doubles as a warm-up arena seating 560.

Additional facilities include undercroft stock holding yards; six blocks with 478 stables, wash bays, laundry and bathroom facilities; and an education and training building including a lecture theatre. The outdoor grounds also provide for a campdraft arena, two warm-up arenas, horse sporting fields, undercover cattle yards, show jumping and dressage, truck parking bays, a truck wash and lawn areas.

Tamworth Regional Council plans further staged development of the AELEC, including more stables, increased stadium seating, and two additional wings to the stadium which would house a restaurant and an exhibition hall containing a heritage hall of fame.

Council will continue to involve horse and livestock groups in the ongoing development of the AELEC.

Information supplied by Tamworth Regional Council


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